How to Create Reverse DNS in the VMmanager

Reverse DNS uses PTR records to map an IP address to a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). Setting reverse DNS is important for SMTP mail servers. The majority of other applications don't need to worry about this DNS record.

This guide explains how to set reverse DNS at VMmanager.


Follow these steps to add a Reverse DNS record for your instance.

1.Go to My Products & Services in your Client Area.

2.Select the server instance and log in to VMmanager 6

3. Click to the server instance and select "VM parameters".

4. Click "IP adresses" in the left menu. Your instance may have one or more IPv4 addresses assigned.

5. Select the ip address, which you need, and in the field "Domain" click on button "Edit" to change the RDNS record. Enter a new value. The specific value to set depends on your application. For a mail server, this is usually set to the forward DNS name.After that, press "Save".

This updates the PTR record in LLHOST's DNS. Reverse DNS updates may take several hours to propagate.




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