How to manage Automatic CC Processing?

Automatic CC Processing is an automated credit card money transfer scheduled on a predetermined date to pay off your services ordered recurring bill.

If you want all new invoices and unpaid invoices being automatically paid before upcoming due dates, it is required to have a credit card saved in your account.

How to add a credit card and manage Automatic CC Processing?

In Payment Methods section:

1. Register or Log In to your account.

2. Expand Billing or Profile menu and open Payment Methods.

3. Click “Add New Credit Card” if you don’t have any credit card attached to your profile yet.

4. Once the credit card is added, you can Enable / Disable Automatic CC Processing

On Checkout page: When ordering LLHOST INC. Services, you can manage Automatic CC Processing right on the Checkout page after choosing, configuring and service preview.

  • If Enabled, and a compliant payment gateway is set as a default (Stripe, etc.), the billing system will attempt to charge your stored credit cards to pay all new invoices and unpaid invoices with upcoming due dates. If your credit cards support automated charges, the respective amount will be charged and invoices will be marked as paid. 
  • If Disabled, your ordered services billing cycle will require a manual payment process each time you receive new invoice for services ordered.

It is recommended to keep this feature enabled to keep your invoices paid on time automatically and avoid suspension of LLHOST INC. Services.

Please note:

  • You will need to ensure there are sufficient available funds in your account when the payment is due otherwise your bank will not make the payment.
  • Enabled Automatic CC Processing applies to all of your added credit cards.
  • You can always change this setting in the Payment Methods section in the Client Area.
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