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24th Mar 2023
Check out our new article 'DOS attack and DDoS attack: are they the same thing?'

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DOS attack and DDoS attack: are they the same thing? from our blog.


Learn more about DDoS attacks’ classification, methods of protection, and the opportunity to get a -40% discount on anti-DDoS VPS.

17th Mar 2023
Black Friday Month: -50% on VPS!

Dear customers!LLHOST INC. are excited to announce a month of Black Friday discounts for VPS servers!   -50% discount promo code #BlackFriday50 is valid for any amount of VPS orders until December 25, 2022.*   Get the top products for half the price at the link!   *Discount is effective for 3 months of monthly billing cycle and could be ... Read More »

25th Nov 2022
New VPS plans generation from LLHOST INC.

Dear customers!   In 2022 our customers defined Optimized Virtual Servers (OVS) as an absolute LLHOST INC.’s bestseller. This outstanding acknowledgement encouraged us to push it even further and upgrade almost every aspect of virtual servers we provide, starting at hardware and ending at provision time. We had implemented so many major and ... Read More »

18th Nov 2022