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 [FTP] File permissions

File permissions  Each file and folder on the server, as a rule, has access rights. To see what...

 [FTP] How to create an FTP account

To create a new FTP account, follow the instructions Click on Dashboard to open the...

 [FTP] How to set up Web Disk on Windows 10

Windows 10 also offers the ability to connect to online storage such as an FTP server. In order...

 [FTP] How to set up WinSCP

The WinSCP FTP client can be downloaded from the program developer's page -

 [Softaculous] How to Backup On Remote Server (FTP, Google Drive, DropBox)?

    Backup On Remote Server (FTP, Google Drive, DropBox) The following guide will show you how...

 [Softaculous] How to Backup an Installation?

    How to backup an installation This guide will help you in the Backup of your...

 [Softaculous] How to Install a Script?

   How to Install a Script? On the left side you will find a list of categories....

 [Softaculous] How to Reset Admin Password?

    How to Reset Admin Password? Visit Softaculous Panel and navigate to the «All...

 [Softaculous] How to Restore a Backup?

    How to Restore a Backup     Local Server Restore 1) Click on the «Backups And Restore» link...

 [Softaculous] How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe Email Notifications?

    Subscribe/Unsubscribe Email Notifications     This tutorial will show you How to...